Founded in 2014, ODO exists to bring together specialists in their fields to create meaningful design and enduring influence.

  • We consider People as the most regarded parameter in our process; end-user, client staff and collaborator alike.

  • Maintaining Integrity in our process is what gives us our strength.

  • We empower everyone to take Ownership in their projects and in the studio.

  • Our dedication to Service is the what how and why of One Design Office.

  • We vow to always push boundaries and to maintain a sense of Curiosity.

Instilling this into the team means we are able to imbue our projects with this approach regardless of the type of project or scale.

David Lee

“ODO is an up and coming design firm in Melbourne but are quickly making a name for themselves due to their progressive and innovative thinking when it comes to spaces and how we interact with them”

Our practice engages in Architecture and Interior projects where we are able to value add to edifying visions.


Embracing broad considerations, we explore methodologies that accommodate pragmatic requirements, emulating our clients’ objectives to create welcoming, immersive destinations.

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Through craftsmanship, we journey with our clients to co-create branded environments that are well considered, functional and delightful.

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