Pratt Street

The design process began with the observation for a need to provide a sense of privacy and retreat to apartment typologies. Considering the status quo, observers can peer through most building façades and gain a glimpse into the personal lives of the building’s occupants, compromising the notion of home as a sanctuary.

As a critique, Podium looks to turn the façade of the building inside out. The design presents a fortified treatment to the street, thus preserving the sense of retreat. The layout of each dwelling wraps around a courtyard presented as a cantilevering pod. The pods provide an outlook from bedrooms and living areas, multiplying the functionality of a typical balcony. The suspended pods to are arranged form a chequered collage of podiums that in turn become longitudinal articulation elements in its overall composition. The placement of podiums and enlarged horizontal bands erode the scale and height of the building and was viewed favourably from a planning perspective.