Jamu, an Asian fusion restaurant, celebrates the culmination of Eastern and Western cuisine. So when designing the interior experience, we drew upon the founder’s South-East Asian roots whilst utilising local materials to create a raw connection with Australian craftsmanship.

Referencing the founder’s rich heritage, we explored the use of copper, one of the founding metallurgy trades in South-East Asia, to bring to life the contemporary play of geometric forms and modern design gestures. The use of the circle throughout the interiors is a symbol for the plate, a gathering point poignant in Asian culture, whilst mesh is used to create privacy and depth, reminiscent to that of traditional Chinese screens. Grounding the space are the custom-designed, solid timber tables, that unapologetically put local Australian craftsmanship at the forefront. The end result is a layered, moody, spatial experience, and a perfect balance of Eastern and Western influence.