Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Victoria @ Victoria Place is the next work home for the Cancer Prevention and Cancer research organisation. Tasked with the challenge of accommodating post-Covid work cultures, ODO designed a space that is inclusive, accessible, and sustainable to cater for the changing ways in which we work.

The Cancer Council Victoria's design was conceived as a dynamic space fostering innovation, collaboration, and well-being. It prioritises supporting researchers and staff by meeting their diverse needs and working requirements, promoting productivity, collaboration and creativity.

“We designed Cancer Council Victoria with the human scale in mind. A large workplace is made to feel more intimate and familiar as it is fractalised in its planning to present as an aggregation of smaller offices.”
-Samson Tiew

As we transition into a post-pandemic era, the design aims to strengthen the organisation’s sense of purpose and community. Spanning 2 floors over 4300 sqm, a visually engaging social spine conjoins separate work “neighbourhoods” together within the office, allowing a large office to feel small. By incorporating formal and informal work areas, along with breakout sections for socializing and relaxation, these work boroughs bring a sense of intimacy and warmth into the work environment.

Each “neighbourhood” is distinguished by vibrant pops of colour, enhancing visual appeal and aiding wayfinding. Natural materials and biophilic elements further contribute to the well-being and comfort of over 400 occupants.

The design respects the site’s existing conditions, minimising demolition from the base building and the wastage of materials. Sustainable timber and certified wood are thoughtfully incorporated, underscoring the project’s commitment to sustainability, and promoting awareness of sustainable practices. Further, the fit-out aligns with the building’s sustainability targets of 6-Star Nabers, 6-Star Green Star and Well Gold Certification.

Cancer Council Victoria’s design exemplifies excellent interior design by seamlessly blending functionality, visual appeal, and sustainability principles while adding to the ongoing evolution of workplace environments.

At the fine grain, the use of boroughs or “neighbourhoods” within the floor plates, optimises spatial usage and team clustering. Doing this allows us to present a workplace in at a human scale, encouraging familiarity, intimacy and warmth. By breaking down traditional barriers and zones for workplaces, the new layout offers a diverse array of work points and spaces, empowering employees with choice over their work setting.

Through vibrant colour schemes and dynamic elements along the central social spine, the design subverts the notion of a static workspace, promoting adaptability and flexibility. It redefines the office landscape, prioritizing user experience and responsiveness to individual needs. Overall, it advances interior design practice by showcasing the importance of holistic design solutions that prioritize people and purpose.

Photography by Dave Kulesza